Proper Guide To Use A Hand Press Button Maker

Proper Guide To Use A Hand Press Button Maker

Need an actual guide on how to use the hand press you just got in the mail? Look no further we’ve got you covered.

The How To

It is recommended to have little sheets of plastic it’s called Mylar. Then you’re also going to need your printed out pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. So first thing we’re going to do is cut these into strips

You need to line it up so that it matches the outer circle, to the button machine and you can see that it has two sides here and the part that swivels. And then there’s a handle that pulls down so what you want to do is on this site you put in a little (bowls) or the lower parts of the buttons

Then you put on your image, next you take your little piece of mylar? That’s what is going to give you that shine. Put it down horizontally what you want to do is put it so that the pin side is (Facedown) and so that the coil is the pin side and the coil side the coil has to be to the right.

That just helps you do it really fast you have to worry about perfectly aligning it because the machine does it for you. And you can pull this thing off alone once you spin this around this stuff is gone.

Press it down, turn it over and there is your button, like magic!

If you forgot that bowl, it’s like the saddest thing ever because you push it down, and there’s next to no resistance as you know right away. You feel like I just messed up a little button and if you print it off the exact amount you need then you have to print off some more

Plastic makes sure to picture straight as it can be put on this thing coil down but it works most of the time.

The Conclusion

And I hope it helps you how to use the great tool that you just bought for your passion for buttons. The button Machines can be expensive depends where you get them there are cheap ones out there

But it is recommended to just go for a good quality one that can get to make buttons nicely and quickly. And most importantly you need to have fun doing it, if you find no fun in what you are doing then most probably are doing something wrong. But we hope that this article helps you to get on your way to making funky and aesthetic buttons. Good Luck.

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