How To Inlay Wood With A Router

How To Inlay Wood With A Router?


Router inlay is a fantastic way to embellish your work, giving your projects the jump from being ordinary to becoming posh. It has its limitations but is done entirely with a router, and the results from is will surprise you. The First Look can be Intimidating When you first heard about or looked at inlayed ….  Read More

How to Anchor a Boat Properly

How to Anchor a Boat Properly?


Anchoring is essential when it comes to boating. No matter what boat you choose to buy or to learn how to maneuver you need to anchor it regardless. Anchoring is basically a handbrake for your boat, so without a doubt, it is an essential element. Know the Types of Anchors Something that holds your boat ….  Read More

Boat Anchor Types

Boat Anchor Types: Which One To Get?


Well, there is much more than just holding a boat in place for an anchor, it has to withstand various changes in water and the environment around it. It can be intimidating at first but with the proper knowledge and a few tricks you can just find out what you need. The Different Types of ….  Read More